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B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing - Integrated With Your Marketing Program

B2B Telemarketing - A Part of Your Whole Marketing Cycle

Understand the Marketing Objectives
We begin by understanding the objectives of the whole marketing program. Calling is only one part of the effort to reach and interest prospects. In fact, we know that as important as personal contact is, sales are driven through the adoption of a multi-faceted marketing approach.

When we call your prospect or your customers, we treat them like they are already million dollar customers. We understand that there are a lot of organizations competing for the attention of each prospect. We build trust by starting with respect.

Create tools that help
We also understand that a call is not likely to be successful every time as market timing and company / product credibility is paramount to gaining the attention of the prospect. We arm our CSR’s with the ability to send program descriptions and benefit statements using PDF files in real time. Our systems allow for the proper management of call backs and we encourage you to allow the availability of a 1-800 return-call number as part of the outbound program to facilitate leaving a professional message when we encounter voicemail.

Train and Manage for Success
Our agents are trained and experienced in getting past the “gate keeper” and our script expertise gives us an advantage when we reach the prospect. Our training, specific to your program, is extensive and includes a presentation of the objectives and products or services you offer and complimented with the program training developed by our Account Manager.

Our Account Manger reports and reviews results of the program daily: how many calls were made, what the outcomes were, and how much money has been spent.

We have learned from our successful Business-to-Business marketing programs what it takes to gain an appointment, to confirm a seminar registration, or to gain permission to send product material.

Let us help you penetrate your market.


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