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Real Estate

The Challenge
The real estate market in the city of Toronto has been booming for years. As a result TelePartners Business Message Centre has made it one of its goals to specialize in this market.

One thing has always remained constant; real estate agents do not work regular hours. Real estate agents are constantly on the go and in touch with their offices for appointment bookings, appointment confirmations and fielding sales calls. The challenge is to be able to somehow organize the many calls they receive into a consistent system of message flow to make their lives manageable and stress free.

The Solution
TelePartners has effectively been able to help real estate agents manage their calls during office hours, after office hours, and even for their appointment desk.

TelePartners uses state-of-the-art, web based technology that enables call handling 24 hours a day. All agent information is stored on our system using SQL databases. Property detail and agent info can be uploaded from Excel files without re-keying. This gives the real estate office a sense of security; we have the same information that they have in their offices to contact their agents.

Although real estate agents are all essentially performing the same job, each one is unique in how they would like their messages delivered. TelePartners is able to send messages via email, fax, alpha pagers, cell phone text messages, and can even call agents at home with their messages.

TelePartners can also manage a real estate office's appointment desk. Through specialized account managers, listings can be input into our system for our customer service representatives to make showing appointments. Customer Service Representatives can take down the appointment, contact the vendor or tenant, contact the showing agent with the confirmation and then contact the listing agent to inform them of the showing.

The Result
TelePartners currently provides Customer Care for more than 100 real estate companies, ranging in size from a few agents to hundreds of agents.

We service each client differently, acting as an appointment desk for some and acting as a receptionist in other cases.

Our customer service representatives have become experts in fielding real estate calls. We have effectively made their lives easier by booking appointments for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On a daily basis , the home office receives a concise copy of all call transactions by fax, email, or by ‘wave file’ in the case of voicemail messages.

TelePartners does it all for the agents, for the administrators and for the management team.

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