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Student Works

The Challenge
Student Works has been providing quality painting services at reasonable prices since 1981. Their company employs hardworking and enthusiastic university students with serious summer jobs. Each student goes through a training program to ensure that they have the proper skills required and actually run their own business in a territory.

Each student must manage their own sales calls for their region and ensure that customer service is of the highest quality. Each district manager employees numerous student managers and must also be able to ensure that each customer receives efficient and professional responses.

TelePartners has been providing the communication hub for this $10 million dollar business for the past decade. Every sales and service call that is taken for Student Works is handled by our message centre.

The Solution
With the help of Student Works, TelePartners has developed a program that solves the issue of dealing with university students on the go, and ensuring that their clients receive timely and professional service.

Using a SQL database for their postal code directory and employee contacts, we have been able to handle thousands of Student Works calls in a timely fashion. Our system is completely Windows-based, and using T1s that come directly into TelePartners, we ensure that no call ever receives a busy signal or is on hold for a lengthy period of time.

TelePartners handles hundreds of calls each day for Student Works using a postal code search engine, and delivers messages on the go to the right student manager via text messaging or pagers. Copies of messages are sent to their secondary emails and district managers to ensure that no call is missed. This also allows district managers to ensure that each student manager is following up on every sales or customer service call.

TelePartners then provides Student Works with daily summaries, weekly summaries and monthly summaries of all the calls that are taken for their company. This way, their district managers and student managers are able to ensure that their painters are doing a great job.

The Result
During the year of 2003, over 95% of their clients said they would use Student Works Services again. The success that Student Works had gives a good indication that each of their clients were satisfied by the work done and the experience they had on a customer service level.

By working closely with each Student Works employee, TelePartners has been able to keep their student managers informed of sales leads and daily customer service inquiries. TelePartners has also been able to provide their district managers with reporting tools that enable them to effectively manage their student managers.

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