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The Challenge
UNICEF was established in 1946 to meet the urgent needs of children in war-devastated Europe.

Since 1949, more than 4.1 billion UNICEF cards have been sold around the world, generating over $1.5 billion in financial support. In 2001, 4 million cards were sold in Canada, with revenue reaching $5.7 million, which helped UNICEF reach its remarkble achievements on behalf of the world's children.

This is a major funding source for the organization and it was critical that support from the corporate community was significantly expanded in a cost effective manner.

In 2003, Sue Dalos, the Manager of Sales and Marketing for UNICEF Canada signed an agreement with TelePartners to expand the Christmas Card Campaign. This was UNICEF’s first experience outsourcing to a Call Centre.

The Solution
UNICEF mailed out catalogues to 15,000 potential clients in their databases, while TelePartners developed a system and script application that would service the calls.

In September 2003, the Marketing Services Department of TelePartners trained with UNICEF to understand their internet ordering system, the key concepts of the Christmas Cards and the ideology behind this campaign. UNICEF staff visited the TelePartners site and conducted training to align TelePartners’ Customer Service Representatives to UNICEF’s core philosophy. TelePartners places emphasis on training CSR’s in order to achieve the level of professionalism demanded for any campaign to North American businesses.

Together, UNICEF and TelePartners created FAQ’s along with PDF information sheets and direct weblinks that the CSR’s could rely on for real-time answers to client questions.

The Result
UNICEF Canada met their sales targets and gained clients that would have otherwise not participated. TelePartners successfully completed the program under budget.

In spending the time developing and training our staff, TelePartners approached this campaign with the sensitivity necessary to act on behalf of UNICEF.

TelePartners’ experience and dedication ensured a mutually successful outbound campaign. Keeping the core philosophy of UNICEF in mind, TelePartners met requirements and set the stage for an on-going relationship.

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