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aVoice IVR - Interactive Voice Response Solutions

Interactive Voice Response - aVoice IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR is an automated telephone system that allows customers to interact with a company’s database by pressing digits on the telephone or by speaking words or short phrases & service their own enquiries by following instructions. Uses voice recognition technology.

Interactive Voice Response IVR System - aVoice IVRaVoice IVR
Call Center Services
Without a Call Center Price!

aVoice IVR is a fully customizable automated interactive voice response (IVR) service.

With voice, touch-tone, and
combination options aVoice IVR can be used as a substitute or supplement for practically any inbound or outbound call center service!

When you use IVR for your call center needs, basic information is easily accessible through an automated system - meaning less live agent time and higher ROI.

How aVoice IVR Works

When a caller dials the associated number, the call is routed to one of our in-house IVR servers. From there, the aVoice IVR application is launched and the caller then hears the instructions for interaction via touch-tone or voice response.

For Example: “Press 1 for Customer Service” or “Please say your birthday month.” Voice responses are then recognized based on a series of grammar files associated with the IVR application’s request for input; in this case “January, February, March....”

From the caller’s response, based on valid or invalid matches, conditional branching throughout the IVR script may be performed to accomplish many tasks.

In certain situations, the caller may prefer to speak with
an agent and with IVR zero-out options the caller can be
transferred to a live agent for further assistance.

aVoice IVR
Interactive Voice Response

  • Order Status
  • Bill Reminder/Pay
  • Order Entry
  • Survey Response
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Company Directory
  • Tech Support
  • Safety/Health Tips
  • Confidential Medical Results
  • Clinical Trial Pre-screening
  • Dealer Locator
  • and many more... Ask us!

aVoice IVR
Interactive Voice Response

There is an aVoice IVR interactive voice response solution for virtually every business or organization.

Interactive voice response solutions can be used to automate virtually any inbound and outbound call center services.

Use aVoice IVR for anthing from generating sales leads, taking orders by phone, performing telephone marketing surveys - to calling patients to remind them of their appointments.


Automate Today With aVoice IVR

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Ask to speak with a TelePartners aVoice IVR representative to see how aVoice IVR can be used to automate your business' call center needs.


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