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TelePartners Completes Major Technology Upgrade

Toronto-based TelePartners Call Centre Inc., a leading supplier of Customer Care and Marketing Services, announced today that a $250,000 upgrade to its service platform has been successfully installed for use.

The new platform will provide the beginnings of an end to end Contact Centre Solution from a technology perspective.

'TelePartners has always provided blended inbound/outbound/email and web based solutions to our customers. Our clients see us as an extension of their marketing team rather then just a simple call centre’ says President, W. Fletcher Keating. 'Our investment in this technology will continue to help our customers attain better results in their customer care and marketing activities.'

Open Architecture and Off-the Shelf Hardware

Based on digital switching technology by Braxtel Communications of Boston Massachusetts and Alston Tascom of Chino California, the system is designed using Windows operating systems, SQL databases and non-proprietary hardware components readily available through multiple industry channels.

The new systems provide state-of-the-art blended capability for standard PBX functions, email, web, inbound call handling, efficient outbound call making, full IVR, voice logging and voice mail.

Integration and Enhancement

TelePartners has successfully adopted this new capability with its user software, and integrated it with the applications platform already in place, allowing for the immediate enhancement of all systems capabilities and more options for customers.

TelePartners has been a leader in the provision of web-based systems to clients since 1998.

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